1. Fox 16 – 01/29/2019

    Grant Funds Injections to Help Inmates Kick Addictions – “An injection has helped Arkansas parolees find sobriety and gives them a chance to live a full life without crime. It is called Vivitrol and is injected every 28 days. It is a part of one of the Arkansas Community Correction rehab and re-entry programs.”

  2. Wellpath – 01/25/2019

    The @SLO_CountyGov board of supervisors voted for Wellpath to take over medical responsibilities at their jail. Our goal is for the jail to be accredited by @NCCHC which @SLOSheriff says “exceeds the state standards by which California jails are measured.”

  3. Wellpath – 01/24/2019

    The @DHSWI is partnering with Wellpath facilities to offer soon-to-be-released inmates #Vivitrol, which “blocks opioid receptors in the brain and makes people less likely to abuse opioids.” We’ve seen “inmates seem eager to take advantage of the program.”

  4. American Jail – 01/23/2019

    Hear Our Cries: Inmates Find Redemption Through Song – “His name is Quincy, and he is a pre-trial detainee in the jail, awaiting a new trial after his prison sentence was overturned. People call him Q. When I meet him, I tell him that he’s got the best name for the entertainment industry.”

  5. Wellpath – 01/23/2019

    Before he was an HSA in Washington state, Christopher Mequet served as a Navy Seabee. When asked about how this time impacts his work at Wellpath, he responded, “In the Military… you are also instilled with the sense of camaraderie that is needed in a small team atmosphere.”

  6. Wellpath – 01/22/2019

    Wellpath recently announced its partner facility, Federal Correctional Complex at Beaumont, #Texas, achieved accreditation from the @AAAHC_QUALITY, distinguishing the care provided by Wellpath doctors, nurses, and clinicians as the highest quality for our patients- Great work!

  7. Open Minds – 01/17/2019

    The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors requested this approval on December 11, 2018 for a contract with Wellpath to provide jail health care services, including a jail-based competency treatment program.

  8. Wellpath – 01/17/2019

    VP George Gintoli congratulates @MassGovernor as he kicks off his second term. George, w/ our doctors, nurses and other staff, has worked to transform Bridgewater State Hospital in #Massachusetts – the center piece of Gov. Baker’s promised mental health improvements.

  9. Wellpath – 01/16/2019

    Wellpath RN Sarah Patrick’s efforts at Berrien Co. jail in #Michigan have encouraged more inmates to participate in mental health treatment: “It’s not enough just to provide medication to alleviate symptoms…Medication and treatment work better together.”

  10. Wellpath – 01/16/2019

    The business of correctional healthcare is incredibly complex and important, and that’s where Wellpath’s expertise across the country really sets us above the rest! In a recent review of services in Texas, Commissioner Bill Schumann in Bell County asked other counties how they address jail health care. “What we found though was none of the counties that we talked to really had a handle on jail health care… And when you go to the mental side of jail health care, they’re even less knowledgeable than they are about physical health care.’” Read the full article here:

  11. The Fix – 01/14/2019

    Grant Provides Medication-Assisted Treatment To Inmates Leaving Jail seem eager to take advantage of the program, according to Correct Care Solutions, which provides health care services to jails.

  12. Wellpath – 01/9/2019

    We were so happy to help provide Christmas cheer to families across #Maine, helping to buy gifts for those in difficult situations as part of New Hope For Women’s Holiday Family Adoption Program. Helping others is what we do!

  13. Wellpath – 01/8/2019

    Our staff in the Brown County Jail in #Wisconsin administer #Vivitrol, preventing the effects of addictive #opioids for weeks after leaving detention. @sheriffbc says, “This is another great opportunity for an individual who wants to make a change.”

  14. Temple Daily Telegram – 01/7/2019

    Commissioners approve jail health contracts Court to begin drafting contracts for the services. One proposed contract is with WellPath, a Nashville, Tenn.,-based health care provider

  15. The Colorado Independent – 01/7/2019

    Amid a growing opioid epidemic, lawmakers hope to end drug-addiction withdrawal in county jails. Colorado sheriffs are on the front lines of a public health crisis as jails fill with people dependent on painkillers, heroin, meth and alcohol.

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