Wellpath is the premier provider of localized, high-quality, compassionate care to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments. We deliver medical and mental healthcare through a family of local and state providers in correctional facilities, inpatient and residential treatment facilities, forensic treatment facilities, and civil commitment centers. Wellpath employs more than 15,000 professionals at over 500 facilities in 37 states across America and Australia, and cares for more than 300,000 patients each day.

Our first division services local jails and other detention centers, a second provides care to state and federal prisons, and our third operates inpatient and residential treatment facilities. All three share a common goal: to provide high-quality, compassionate medical and mental healthcare services to those who need it most.


County Jails And Other

Community Facilities

With our dedicated doctors, nurses, mental health providers and other clinical staff working in 350+ local detention facilities around the country, Wellpath is responsible for the healthcare needs of more than 135,000 adult and juvenile patients. Wellpath provides our local government partners with a staffed managed care model that implements comprehensive, accredited medical and behavioral healthcare programs and services that include off-site hospital contracting and dental. Our goals, on behalf of our local detention clients, are to improve patient care and clinical quality, reduce cost, mitigate risk of malpractice and litigation, and increase stabilization and operational efficiencies in county jails and other local facilities.


State And Federal Prisons

Wellpath employs 1,600 healthcare professionals in its State and Federal behavioral and correctional division. Operating within more than 135 adult and juvenile facilities around the country, Wellpath treats more than 140,000. Wellpath provides our state and federal partners with recruitment and staffing, pharmacy management, integrated EMR, claims adjudication, and mental and behavioral health programming. We serve as a specialized healthcare provider with an intense focus on core competencies. We work alongside our partners to help project cost, as well as offer support in facility accreditation and more advanced behavioral programming.

Learn more about our Australian operations on Correct Care Australia’s site.


Inpatient And Residential Treatment


Wellpath has more than 20 years of experience operating civil and forensic state hospitals, inpatient and residential treatment facilities, sex offender treatment, and competency restoration programs in California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Texas and Washington. Wellpath currently cares for approximately 2,800 patients in residential treatment settings. Each of our facilities provide safe, therapeutic environments that foster recovery, trauma-informed care, community partnerships, and continuity of care. With more than 2,500 skilled professionals, this division continues to grow by providing clients with services that meet or exceed performance requirements and standards of care.


International Division

Wellpath’s International Division includes Correct Care Australasia. Correct Care Australasia has been providing excellent care to patients for 20+ years, with highly experienced healthcare professionals caring for approximately 6,500 adult and juvenile offenders at 16 facilities, including all 13 of the State of Victoria’s public prisons and transition centers, the privately operated Ravenhall Correctional Centre, and 2 Youth Justice Precincts.