Wellpath Culture


Wellpath’s International Division comprises Correct Care Australasia and Correct Care UK. Correct Care Australasia has been providing excellent care to patients for 20+ years, with highly experienced healthcare professionals caring for approximately 6,500 adult and juvenile offenders at 16 facilities, including all 13 of the State of Victoria’s public prisons and transition centers, the privately operated Ravenhall Correctional Centre, and 2 Youth Justice Precincts. Correct Care UK is currently pursuing several partners and contracts around the United Kingdom.

For more information, please visit our international partner websites.

President, International Division

Don Houston is President of Wellpath’s International Division. In this role, he oversees all international partnerships as well as business development and operations. He previously served as President of Wellpath’s state and federal division, overseeing business development, administration, and overall management of our state, federal, and private prison business. With nearly 40 years of correctional experience, including 18 years as a Senior Regional Vice President with a major private corrections corporation and seven years with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Don has activated multiple million-dollar projects in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Puerto Rico and Curaçao. He has extensive corporate experience in project development, operations, and administration, as well as experience working with a variety of state legislatures, local governments, and executive branches of government.