Medical and Mental Healthcare in Jails, Prisons, and Inpatient and Residential Treatment Facilities

Physical (Somatic) Healthcare: We provide specialized care for patients in a correctional or residential health environment and accommodate their unique needs. Care includes pre- and post-natal care for female patients, special needs for juvenile patients, and communicable and non-communicable disease management. We provide expert treatment and education. Here are a few examples of the somatic healthcare services we offer:

  • Primary care
  • Mental healthcare
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Dental and optical care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Special Needs healthcare
  • Wellness and preventive care
  • Pharmaceutical supply and medication management

Technology Services: We leverage technology to assist us in our mission of providing quality care to every patient. This includes using telehealth technology, and our web-based applications designed to manage electronic health records and other operational information at our facilities. Here are other examples of how we use technological solutions:

    • Telehealth consultations
    • Electronic health records management
    • Patient portal access
    • Data analytics and reporting
    • Population health management

    Behavioral and Mental Healthcare Services: Wellpath provides mental health, psychiatry services, or competency programs at our facilities or hospitals. Our program follows established policies, procedures, and protocols that provide consistency of care for each patient. We also offer MAT services, counseling, and discharge planning. Here are a few examples of the behavioral healthcare services we offer:

      • Competency restoration
      • Suicide Prevention/Intervention
      • Medication Assisted Treatment
      • Substance abuse/detox programs

      Administrative Services: Wellpath works with partners to coordinate healthcare delivery through joint monitoring, planning, and problem resolution. We communicate on contract matters, including our services and operations, day-to-day activities, program needs, and future planning. We also provide resources for discharge planning and continuity of care. Here are a few examples of our administrative services:

      • Medical billing and coding
      • Insurance verification and pre-authorization
      • Appointment scheduling and reminders
      • Patient intake and registration
      • Medical transcription
      • Revenue cycle management
      • Discharge planning and continuity of care


      Our innovative services set us apart from other providers. Some of them include:

      Electronic Records Management
      Application (ERMA)

      Jail Based Restoration to Competency
      (The RISE Program)

      Patient Activity
      Management (PAMM)

      Medication-Assisted Treatment

      Telehealth Services

      What makes us different

      Our expertise and reach is without match—and that isn’t just a bold claim considering we’ve been providing excellent care for the past 35 years, with more than 15,000 seasoned healthcare professionals currently serving over 300,000 adult and juvenile patients every single day.



      • Improved Patient Care – When patients receive the best care, everyone wins. That’s why everything we do focuses on improved care and outcomes. In our line of work we deal with some of the most fragile and vulnerable populations in the country. This means we need to carefully design an approach to match the patient with the right care.
      • Operational Efficiencies – We bring 35 years of healthcare expertise to our partners, which includes a deep understanding of how to work with your staff to form one efficient team working in unison.
      • Electronic Medical Records – Our vision is to have every patient in our care on an electronic medical record. With this data, in time, we will gain unprecedented insights regarding patient care and ways to improve outcomes.
      • Cost Containment – Healthcare in jails, prisons and inpatient and residential treatment facilities is specific, complicated and often times costly. From security to transportation to network development, we work with partners to provide patients the best, yet most efficient care.
      • Risk Management – Better care means fewer negative outcomes and less litigation.

      Client Success Stories