Our Culture

From top to bottom, Wellpath is a company of helpers and servant-leaders. Quite simply, everything we do is designed to help
more people and support our partners and communities.


Everything We Do Is About Taking Care

Of People

Taking Care of Our Patients.

For over thirty years, we have provided “patients-first” compassionate care to the adult and juvenile patients entrusted to us in county and state facilities. Our solution delivers a unique and integrated approach of medical and behavioral services that optimizes on-site care and covers a wide range of specialties. Our commitment to maintaining full staffing at all times, matched with our proven medical policies and procedures means we have the right doctors, nurses, mental health providers and other clinical staff, with the right training on hand when a patient is in need.

Taking Care of Our People.

We hire and retain great people. At Wellpath we are so much more than just a dedicated staff of thousands of nationwide healthcare professionals. We are a true family. We hire well, train well and treat our people well. Our many long-term employees are a testament to our unmatched warm and friendly culture, and the fact that we place great value on our people.

Taking Care of Our Partners.

Our customer satisfaction is without parallel, and our partners are not just satisfied, but enthusiastic supporters and references. Regional and local leadership that is only a few hours away from every site drives our local, personal touch and unmatched responsiveness to our partners’ needs. Our keen understanding of specific state and local needs helps us recognize what it takes to bring a quality program to a facility. We design custom solutions that cater to the unique needs of your facility including the patient population, culture and community standards of care. Most importantly, your facility is never alone. We always work behind the scenes supporting our on-site clinical staff and your staff and administration. We provide clinical support to your facility through our Regional Medical Support Team, innovative referral and consult technologies, 24-hour call center and regional administrators.


The Five Hs




Hard Work


Our Mission

To provide quality care to every patient with compassion, collaboration and innovation.

Our Vision

To transform healthcare by delivering hope and healing through public health partnerships.


“Always Do The Right Thing.”

Some think this guiding principle is simply an aspirational company tagline, but it was actually something said to us by one of our long-term county partners who stated, “What I appreciate most about working with you, is I can count on you to always do the right thing.” From exam room to corporate boardroom, this code is truly our beacon of excellence and what we believe makes the difference to our patients, people and partners.