Welcome to Wellpath’s Procure-to-Pay site. Procure-to-Pay is our end-to-end business cycle that begins with procurement activities for goods and services and ends with invoice and payment. Both processes centrally managed to create greater efficiencies.

Wellpath recognizes the importance of putting patients first and providing high-quality care to an often forgotten and over-looked population. We believe in transforming public health by delivering hope and healing to those who need it most. We treat our patients with the dignity and compassion they deserve because we care about them as human beings. We recognize that our suppliers play a critical role in helping us achieve our commitment to high-quality patient care.

Doing Business with Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable created a helpful tip sheet for suppliers and potential suppliers when conducting business with Accounts Payable. Where to send invoices, minimum invoice requirements, and method of payment are just a few topics included in the tip sheet.

Supplier Invoice Submission

Wellpath has partnered with iPayables: a DocuPhase Solution for invoice processing. All invoices will be submitted and approved using iPayables/InvoiceWorks. iPayables has established dedicated teams to assist you with the initial login, as well as any technical support you may need with submitting invoices and using their Supplier Portal.

This partnership provides you with full visibility into your invoices and shorter approval cycles at no cost to you. For information on how to activate your Supplier Portal account and submit your invoices, please use the link below or contact iPayables using the information below.

  • Activation Help: (801-224-8300 ext. 2)
  • Technical Support: (801-224-8300 ext. 3)

All Accounts Payable inquiries should continue to be emailed to our email address.

Supplier Invoice Portal

Want to determine if your invoice was received? Want to know the status of your invoice? Received a payment and want to know what invoices relate to the payment? Have a question about an invoice? All these questions can be answered using the Wellpath Supplier Invoice Portal. This portal allows suppliers to view the status of their invoices and payments. This portal should be the preferred inquiry solution and should be accessed first prior to contacting Accounts Payable directly.

What type of information is available in the Supplier Invoice Portal?

  • Invoice Status
  • Invoice Amount
  • Payment Amount
  • Check/Payment Number
  • Payment Date

Electronic ACH Payments

To streamline the payment of invoices, as well as to accommodate a more touchless approach in accordance with COVID-19 prevention measures, Wellpath Accounts Payable issues payments using electronic payments Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH is an electronic transfer system that credits the funds directly to your bank account. This process is designed to eliminate check handling, delayed USPS mailing times, and increase payment security.

You may continue to invoice us as usual. Once the invoice is approved and processed for payment, an electronic remittance advice will be emailed to your company and your bank account will be credited. The remittance advice will include statement-type information, such as invoice number, invoice date and amount paid. You can also obtain remittance information by accessing our Supplier Invoice Portal.

If you are currently receiving payment by check and want to convert to ACH payment, please contact Accounts Payable.

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