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    7 Ways Wellpath Recognized Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

    7 Ways Wellpath recognized Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Wellpath appreciates everything our team does, every day, for the health and safety of our patients. Above all, it takes the dedication of our entire company, working together, to reduce suicide rates in our patient population. In honor of September’s Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Wellpath’s Zero Suicide Initiative Committee created a valuable learning program for our company. As a result, we continued to educate our nearly 16,000 employees on suicide and suicide prevention. Our theme, “Shine a Light on Suicide Prevention,” focused on illuminating suicide risk and protective factors, particularly in our patients, team members, partners, families, friends, and ourselves. For the entire month of September 2019, Wellpath committed to shining a […]

  2. Wellpath Opens New Facility in Tulare County

    Earlier this month, Sheriff Mike Boudreaux, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department, and Wellpath announced the opening of the South County Detention Facility, the newest jail in Tulare County. The additional facility was years in the making and made possible with the commitment between Tulare County Sheriff’s Department and Wellpath, its medical service provider. “We are fortunate to be able to work with such an excellent team,” says Kevin Silveira, Wellpath Health Services Administrator. “Wellpath is excited by the partnership and continued growth with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department.” The $77 million facility is state-of-the-art and will be able to hold up to 519 inmates. The new facility will house inmates as they await trial at the Porterville Courthouse, a few […]

  3. Distinguished Service Medal awarded to Wellpath nurse

    Congratulations to Wellpath RN, Zarina Yasin, for receiving the Distinguished Service Medal from the Solano County Sheriff’s Office. She was recognized for her quick thinking and prompt response in preventing three inmates’ deaths in Solano’s adult detention facilities. Zarina’s dedication to delivering compassionate, high-quality healthcare to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments is commendable. The Distinguished Service Medal has a long history with the military, dating back to the early 1900s. This rare award is presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves with exceptionally meritorious service. Following that tradition, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Distinguished Service Medal can be awarded to any employee or citizen who renders a service, under emergency conditions, that results directly in sustaining human life. This medal […]

  4. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

    September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month! Please join us this month, and every month, as we shine a light on suicide prevention. It’s heartbreaking but in the United States, on average, 5 people an hour die by suicide. Across the incarcerated population in the United States, about 2 people per day die by suicide. That’s every hour, every day, every week. Close to 50% of people who commit suicide saw a medical provider in the 30 to 90-day period prior to their death It takes all of us, working together, to reduce suicide rates in our communities. Surprisingly, some studies estimate that close to 50% of people who commit suicide saw a medical provider in the 30 to 90-day period prior to […]

  5. Tampa Bay Times story highlighting Stefanie Beetz, Wellpath Mental Health Coordinator

    Congratulations to Stefanie Beetz, Wellpath mental health coordinator on being recognized by the Tampa Bay Times for her compassionate care for our Pasco County patients. She collaborated with Pasco Sheriff’s Office to create new innovative mental health units focused on reducing recidivism. Stephanie is passionate about helping patients lead successful lives after release—connecting them with in-patient and outpatient services, caseworkers, and preparing them for jobs with resume writing and interviewing skills. Thank you for all you do, Stefanie! Read the entire article here.

  6. North Carolina Opens First Behavioral Health Unit in the Mecklenburg County Jail

    The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office unveiled a major innovation towards improving public safety and strengthening their community by creating North Carolina’s first behavioral health unit in a correctional facility at the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte. The team at Mecklenburg County recognized that they had many challenges with mental health in their population and they decided to address the growing trend. Nationally, The National Alliance of Mental Health estimates that nearly 15 percent of men booked into correctional facilities have serious mental health conditions. The creation of this new facility will undoubtedly improve mental health treatment for inmates and move them closer to their end goal of preparing inmates to succeed once they are released. Wellpath’s own Tom Sybesma was […]

  7. Wellpath congratulates DHSS for bringing API into compliance with CMS

    Wellpath congratulates leadership and staff at the Department of Health and Social Services for API being recertified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and receiving a new license from the State of Alaska’s Health Facilities Licensing and Certification Section. “Today’s announcement represents thousands of hours of collaborative work with the department, and is a huge development for API’s patients and their families,” said Jeremy Barr, division president at Wellpath. “It has been our privilege to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the dedicated staff at DHSS as we worked together to address the enormous challenges presented at API. Earning CMS certification and a new state license sends a strong signal that API is back on track to meeting the community’s needs, […]

  8. Wellpath Nurses Act Quickly and Save a Man’s Life

    Wellpath nurses Roxi Foster, LPN, and Melissa Atchley, RN recently responded to a man down code at our Illinois Youth Center and were able to save the life of a man suffering from a heart attack. We are proud to continuously provide immediate, high-quality care. Thank you for doing an outstanding job, Roxi and Melissa.

  9. County of San Luis Obispo has been named an “Innovator County” by the Stepping Up Initiative

    Wellpath would like to congratulate the County of San Luis Obispo for being recognized as an “Innovator County” by the Stepping Up Initiative. Above is a news segment from KSBY-TV highlighting the recognition. Stepping Up is a nationwide effort to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in jails. The initiative asks communities to come together to develop an action plan that can be used to achieve measurable impact in local criminal justice systems of all sizes across the country. To be recognized as an “Innovator,” SLO county has defined what it means to be “seriously mentally ill,” screen every person booked into the jail for mental illness, and collect data on the population of people with mental illnesses […]

  10. Wellpath Provides New Nurse At Zero Cost To County

    At Wellpath, we don’t just say patient care is our number one priority. Our actions prove it. When Guilford County, North Carolina Sheriff Danny Rogers was looking for the budget to hire a new discharge planner at the county jail, he met many obstacles. He was denied budget request after budget request and simply did not have the money to pay for the additional healthcare staff the jail needed. Through further discussion, Wellpath was alerted of the situation and stepped up, agreeing to fill the position at no additional cost to the county. Shortly after being denied funding by the county, Sheriff Rogers met with Wellpath’s VP of Partnership Development Zela Guirola and Director of Partnership Development, Laura Busbin to […]

  11. veteran services

    Veterans Services Offers Mental Health Resources

    At least 20 U.S. veterans die from suicide every day because of their traumatic experiences during military service. Military culture often focuses on the needs of the larger group over the individual. Soldiers are not superhuman, they are just humans who have honored served our country. We applaud the work Veteran Services is doing to provide veterans with the mental healthcare they need. With these services, they learned to open up, move on from their past and focus on the positives in life. We need to repay them by providing the care that they deserve, to honor them and to bring them back to a functional society. That means one thing: Taking care of those who take care of us. […]

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