Our jail-based competency restoration solution addresses the complex challenges of behavioral health issues in an effective and efficient manner through the utilization of evidence-based practices. Wellpath’s forensic psychiatric care anticipates and responds to the changing needs of the patients we serve. Our partnerships across the country offer us the unique opportunity to directly influence meaningful and lasting reform to the criminal justice system, while ensuring that valuable taxpayer’s resources are utilized in the most effective and efficient manner.

The RISE Program embraces recovery-oriented, trauma-informed care for all patients. Our recovery model promotes patient choice and tailors treatment to meet individual needs based on the assessments of a multi-disciplinary treatment team. This model has been shown to have a 94% restoration rate and an average restoration time of 30 to less than 90 days.

Our goal is to improve the level of cognitive functioning of those inmates whose return to court is hindered by an inability to comprehend basic legal proceedings and an inability to assist in their own defense.

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