Patient Activity Monitoring Management (PAMM)

Staff at many of our facilities use PAMM, our exclusive Patient Activity Monitoring & Management system, to complete patient observations via a portable tablet. Designed by Wellpath, PAMM has been custom-built for corrections and will work with and without Wi-Fi access.  Observation orders go directly from ERMA (our EHR) to the tablet to collection patient observations including photos and behaviors.   Observations are monitored via a central monitoring station that can be located anywhere in the facility.  Performance dashboards and compliance are available on each tablet and via email.   PAMM integrates with the facility Jail Management System or via the EHR to ensure patient demographic data stays up to date including:

  • Patient Status
  • Patient Location
  • Precautions
  • Patient Observations (including activity and behaviors)

Observation data is available via a performance dashboard, giving facility administration accurate observation compliance statistics at all times. Observation and other special needs are tracked in the ERMA patient profile.

We welcome the opportunity to give an on-site demonstration of the PAMM system and its capabilities. Interested? Learn more by contacting us.