FAIRFIELD — The Solano County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday welcomed 14 new staff members during a ceremony that also included recognition for 20 or more years of service and nine performance awards.

The awards included three distinguished service medals presented to Correctional Officers Michael Roark, David Kanemoto and Brian Houle, and certificates of commendation to Custody Sgt. Bradley Kamman; to Correctional Officers Rex Moffett, Phillip Elder, Roberto Chaides and Jake Gardner; and to Meraldine Maulino, a registered nurse with Wellpath, which provides some medical services in the county jail.

“On March 20, 2022, Sgt. Kamman was responsible for directing and coordinating response efforts, which resulted in the preservation of two lives and potentially many more. The leadership Sgt. Kamman displayed and his management of resources during and after this incident resulted in not only two lives being saved, but also the location and removal of additional contraband, making the section/facility safer for staff and inmates,” the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Moffett, Elder, Chaides and Gardner were recognized for the same incident.

“On March 30, 2022, an inmate was seen to be unconscious in his cell. Officer David Kanemoto, Officer Michael Roark and Nurse Meraldine Maulino responded to the man down call for medical assistance and noted it was likely from a possible controlled substance overdose. The teamwork, training utilized and quick response from Officer Kanemoto, Officer Roark and Nurse Maulino saved the life of this inmate,” the Sheriff’s Office reported.

“On Sept. 26, 2022, Officer Brian Houle was working his assigned position as a Team 1 (dayshift) receiving officer at the Justice Center Detention Facility when an inmate acquired the attention of staff through banging on the cell window and hand gestures indicating that he was choking. Medical staff advised that the inmate required the Heimlich or abdominal thrust maneuver. Officer Houle stepped up and applied the maneuver to the inmate giving two thrusts, which dislodged the obstruction and cleared the inmate’s airway,” the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Taking their oaths of office were a sheriff’s deputy: Tuan Le; six correctional officers: Paulo Bien, Vincent Crespo, Jackie Hernandez-Veliz, Alexander Ziegler, Ricardo Moreno and Isiah Mozon; three security officers: William Glennon III, Shawn Saunders and David Short; two animal control specialists: Sandra Oliveira and Marianna Wentzel; a veterinary technician: Chelsey Graciano; and a staff analyst: Erika Manuel.

Paul Wright, a reserve deputy sheriff, topped the longevity list at 40 years, with Michael Thompson, also a reserve deputy sheriff, and Denise Munoz, a sheriff’s services technician, each with 35 years.

Recognized for 30 years in the department were Undersheriff Brad DeWall, Custody Sgt. Neil Wakabayashi, Correctional Officer Ken Kerr and Sean Wink, a reserve deputy sheriff.

Recognized for 25 years were Sheriff’s Lt. Jonathan Mazer; Custody Lt. Dennis von Ting; Sheriff’s Sgt. Corey McLean; Correctional Officers Alex Hambright, Cathleen Bidou, Rex Moffett and Scott Wilson; Public Safety Dispatcher Jessica Abbott; and Darren Dembski, a reserve deputy sheriff.

Recognized for 20 years were Sheriff’s Capt. Michael Pimentel; Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Sayre; Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Speakman; Custody Sgts. Jeff  Poblete, Kate Brunke and Stacee Kamman; Correctional Officers Daniel Chapman, Gary Thornton, James Castro, Joseph Hilyer and Mark Lagrisola; Supervising Public Safety Dispatcher Megan McCarthy; and Office Assistant III Kellie Sayre.