Let the 5Hs Guide Our Behaviors

It’s time for us to take a collective deep breath and get back to Wellpath’s center – our 5Hs.

  • HUMILITY – A mindset that ensures we never lose sight of our identity and our loyalty to those we serve and support.
  • HONESTY – A commitment to the highest level of personal and professional integrity with our partners and our patients.
  • HUNGER – A desire for all personnel to learn, teach and grow in a team-supported environment.
  • HARD WORK – A fundamental willingness to work harder and smarter in the interest of providing better service to our partners and patients.
  • HUMOR – A stress reliever that is essential for maintaining a positive, passionate attitude and a superior quality of life at work.

According to Meg Selig, a former professor of counseling, being clear about values can help during times of stress. She calls it the 9 Surprising Superpowers of Knowing Your Core Values. Here are the superpowers of values that:

  1. Help reduce stress
  2. Enhance your problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  3. Inspire better health habits
  4. Rev up your willpower so you can get through difficult tasks
  5. Help you act more assertively (in a good way!)
  6. Ensure you communicate with more compassion
  7. Help you make wiser work choices
  8. Bolster your confidence
  9. Enhance relationships

She also provides some basic tips for using values in daily life. We’ve updated them for Wellpath:

  • Remind yourself and others of the 5Hs by talking about them when you’re working on a challenging situation.
  • At the end of a day, compare your behaviors with the 5Hs. How did you do? What can you do better tomorrow?
  • Relabel problems as “challenges.”
  • Before heading into a potentially stressful situation, remind yourself of the 5Hs and how you use those values to show up.
  • Think about people at Wellpath who represent the values in their behaviors. Remind yourself of how they would behave in a stressful situation.
  • Keep the “Why” in your mind. Wellpath’s “Why” is very compelling and can help guide your actions.

Review the 5Hs with your team. Discuss how you all want to work together better. What behaviors does the team believe represent our values?