Wellpath has embraced telehealth in many of our healthcare programs. In 2017, we conducted over 50,000 remote appointments at more than 170 facilities nationwide. Though we plan to expand these services, telehealth will not replace face-to-face encounters, but it will augment our service delivery.

Our telehealth program has been well-received by clients, clinicians and patients. We have invested in technology, allowing facility staff to conduct seamless delivery of clinical services in partnership with our own network of telehealth providers.

Telehealth provides the following solutions and benefits:

  • Reduces the need for patient travel
  • Facilitates seamless prescribing provider coverage during times of leave
  • Promotes synchronized education for staff on current clinical issues
  • Provides high-impact specialist coverage in a timely fashion
  • Connects national specialty service groups to enhance best practice of care for complex cases
  • Shortens service delivery times
  • Supports prompt and accurate diagnoses
  • Maintains equivalent diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes in comparison to in-person consultations
  • Efficiently utilizes in-demand provider resources by reducing site staff travel time and burnout
  • Assists in filling challenging vacancies, covering extended provider absences, and expanding recruitment beyond the local area

Learn more about our telehealth offering, including our technology, implementation and our active telehealth facilities by contacting us.