Typical correctional healthcare is delivered in silos, with medical issues directed to medical staff and mental health issues directed to the psychiatrist. OneCare employs Collaborative Correctional Care that integrates medical and mental healthcare into one solution, where one team serves one patient. As a result, OneCare aligns resources to match the need, and reconnects the patient’s head with the body.

With OneCare, all primary care staff, from nurses to providers, receive mental health and substance use training. Therefore, instead of a very limited number of staff devoted to the care of patients with mental or behavioral concerns, we create a large integrated Care Team with the training to screen, assess and intervene. Designed to treat patients with chronic care needs, situational depression and anxiety, serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) and substance use disorders, OneCare is evidence-based care that uses early identification, engagement and treatment to execute a shared care plan.

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