Time to get a physical

The promptness with which a patient receives a physical can have great impact on problem identification and treatment planning. Wellpath patients wait an average 9.7 days as compared to 18 days for Medicaid patients in the community.

Hypertensive Blood Pressure Control

Controlling hypertensive blood pressure is essential to reducing the risk for stroke or heart attack. 86.2% of Wellpath patients are at target as compared to 56.9% of Medicaid patients in the community.

A1C Control for Diabetics

A1C is used to identify, diagnose and monitor diabetes. Wellpath is excellent in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Diabetes as evidence by 63.9% of our patients having A1C control as compared to 49.4% of Medicaid patients in the community

Diabetic Blood Pressure Control

91% of Wellpath diabetic patients 18–75 years of age had BP control (<140/90 mm Hg). This compares to 62.7% of Medicaid patients in the community.

HbA1c Poor Control (>9%)

Wellpath has fewer patients 23.2% with HbA1c poor control (>9.0%), than the 40.5% of Medicaid patients in the community. The lower number in the measure is favorable.

HbA1c Control (<7%) for Selected Pop.

Wellpath has more patients 43.4% with HbA1c control (<7%) for a selected population, as compared to 34.5% of Medicaid patients in the community.

We do it in challenging environments.

Mental Health

It is estimated that up to 25% of people in the United States will experience a mental health issue at any given point. In the populations we serve at Wellpath, that number is a staggering 75%.

Substance Abuse

Studies show that 10% of Americans have a substance abuse problem, whereas for incarcerated patients that number is six times or over 60% of our patient population.

Social Determinants

Social determinants of health play a major role in physical well-being and having shelter is a major contributor to health. Whereas 0.2% of the US population is without shelter, it is estimated that 75 times that number, or 15%, of incarcerated people experience homelessness.

We aren’t perfect and we always strive to be better.

EMR Coverage

While our goal is 100%, Wellpath currently has an Electronic Medical Record solution in 95% of our patients. This is still strong as compared to 86% coverage in the community.

BMI Assessment

Our goal for BMI Assessments is 100%, and currently Wellpath is at 87.3%. This is still more than community Medicaid that is at 84.5%

Statin Therapy and CVD

Our goal for Statin use in Diabetics without CVD is 100%, and currently Wellpath is at 59.2%. This is as compared to community Medicaid that is at 61.4%

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