Is Wellpath in the business of incarceration?

No. Federal, State and Local Legislatures set the guidelines for society’s standards of justice. Wellpath is exclusively a health care services company, and neither participates in the disposition of criminal justice nor owns/operates any of the correctional facilities in which we provide healthcare services.

Does Wellpath as a private company put profit over the healthcare of our patients?

No, the notion that privatization creates tension between patient care and profit couldn’t be further from the truth. Wellpath’s business is grounded in providing excellent service and adding value for our clients. The health of our business rests solely on the health of our patients. Our core mission is always to ensure that all of our patients receive the highest standard of care.

How is Wellpath addressing the broader mental health crisis?

Far too many people who are incarcerated have acute mental illness that has gone undiagnosed and untreated (e.g. schizophrenia). Wellpath believes that additional treatment of behavioral health disorders has the potential to meaningfully reduce long-term recidivism rates, and thus the broader societal crisis driven by mental healthcare issues.

Doesn’t Wellpath have a high number of lawsuits in the facilities they operate?

Citing the number of lawsuits filed against Wellpath over a period of many years is the wrong measurement of Wellpath’s quality of care. Any person may file a lawsuit, especially in a restricted environment such as a jail or prison. While we cannot comment on open litigation, we can put the overall litigation volume into context:

  • Only about 7 percent of the lawsuits filed against Wellpath have resulted in a payment of any kind.
  • On average in any given year, Wellpath has approximately one claim involving a payment for every 100,000 patients.
  • Wellpath provided clinical care to more than three million patient sick calls in 2018, a higher number of visits than a national leader of retail health clinics.

Does Wellpath layoff all previous staff or decrease pay for staff when you take over as the healthcare provider at a new facility?

No. When Wellpath enters into a new partnership, it is our intent for incumbent staff who pass a drug test, background check and meet minimum requirements to be retained. Wellpath works with the leadership at every new facility to offer the right of first refusal interviews to all current employees to retain and retrain as many staff members as possible. The pay for incumbent staff who are retained remain equal, if not greater, to their previous salary. We also work to ensure that every staff member is eligible for benefits on their first day as a Wellpath employee.

Is Wellpath anti-union?

No. Wellpath has a number of unions representing our employees and we have worked with unions since 1998. From California to Florida to Australia, Wellpath has a positive relationship with all current unions. We support fair and consistent practices for ALL employees.