In Support of Justice for All – A message from our CEO

Dear Wellpath Family,

At Wellpath, everything we do is about taking care of people.  We pride ourselves on bringing hope and healing to those who need it most and we seek every day to Always Do the Right Thing.  That is who we are.  The senseless death of George Floyd goes against all that Wellpath stands for, and has deeply affected us all.  Like you, I feel sad, frustrated, concerned and angry.  Across the country, including in many of the communities we serve, these emotions have inspired people, including some of our own, to peacefully protest Mr. Floyd’s death, other similar incidents, and the conditions that led to them. We support these peaceful protests.

Part of what has made the tragic death of Mr. Floyd so painful is that this incident is such a clear betrayal of the trust people must have in law enforcement.  I have been gratified to see our partners in law enforcement condemning the actions of the police officers responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death in the strongest possible terms.  Knowing our partners, I would have expected nothing less.

Sadly, we can’t change the past, but we can and will inform the future. Now is the time to remind ourselves that our mission is to help and provide hope to all. We have a responsibility to stand up and protect each other, and we must not remain silent when another is suffering.  We also must redouble our efforts, as a company and as individuals, to do all we can to promote equal treatment and justice.  We serve our patients without prejudice and I believe that we all try to live Wellpath’s values by treating all people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.

This is an emotionally taxing time and I want to remind you of important resources available to all Wellpath team members.   Our Employee Assistance Program includes resources for reducing stress and anxiety. In addition, free mental tele-health visits are available through Amwell.  Please reach out to your HR business partner if you need any additional information on these important resources.

During these challenging times, I am inspired by the wonderful people of Wellpath.  The care you provide exemplifies the ideals to which we all aspire.  Thank you.  Working together, I know we can help bring positive change and a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

To hope and healing,


Jorge Dominicis

CEO // Wellpath

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